United Earth Globe
United Earth Globe


Enjoy a United Earth Day and Fun Evening, Saturday closest to June 23, Every Year, 7:00-11:00 PM Local Time, Everywhere on Earth

In your own yard or a common space, with your neighbours, friends and relatives. Inform everyone you know all over the Earth, from Tokyo to Vancouver. Call local radio and newspapers to attend.

Please visit  www.ueog.org/United-Earth-Day starting at 7:00 PM Saturday closest to June 23 local day and  time

www.ueog.org United Earth Organization (UEOG).

Web Presentation, Fun Evening / Day, Party, Music and Dance.

Strictly Vegetarian Pot O’ Luck, No Meat, No Fish and No Egg (Stop Torture and Slaughter of Animals).

No Disposables: No Paper Plates, No Paper Napkins and No Plastic Cups or Plastic Cutlery (Save the Environment with the Natural Habitat) including the Forests, Waters, Land.

Bring your own Food, Drinks (please check local by-laws and rules for alcohol), Water, Reusable Plates and Cups, Reusable Cutlery, Cloth Towels, Table Cloth, Folding Chairs, Cooler, Stove and Ice.

Save the Earth with the Animals, Environment, People, Plants, Natural Habitat, Non Renewable Natural Resources, Act against Natural and Man Made Disasters, End Poverty, Cruelty and War, Keep Population Explosion under Control, Establish Justice ( Some of the Critical Global UEOG Issues).

Provide Food, Water, Shelter and Medical Help wherever they are needed.

Stop Human Rights Violations.

Stop Torture and Slaughter of Animals.  Speak, Vote and Fight for the Rights of Animals who Cannot Speak or Fight for their Rights against Abuse by Humans.

Save the Environment, Natural Habitat and Non Renewable Natural Resources.

Join the UEOG Peace Keeping Force (UEOGSPK) and Stop the Massacres in Places like Rwanda, Help the Victims  of Natural and Man Made Disasters, Famine and War, Establish Peace in War and Conflicts Torn Regions.

Register, Volunteer and Donate.

At 9:00 PM, Saturday closest to June 23 every year, please click the link below and launch the United Earth Day Presentation


Participate in the United Earth Government (UEGOV) Earth wide Election and Take Charge.

Create a United Earth Court,

Recruit United Earth Volunteers,

United Earth Government Security and Peace Keeping Force,

Ratify and Implement Earth Law,

Stand on Guard for Mother and Goddess Earth.


Media and Search Engines, Please Help us to Save Mother Earth.

Please Everyone Clean up after the party. Take back everything you brought.

Save Mother Earth,

Thurai Moorthy,


United Earth Organization (UEOG)