Starving Children in Africa
Starving Children in Africa

Rwandan Genocide While the World Governments and the UN Watched and Did Nothing
Rwandan Genocide While the World Governments and the UN Watched and Did Nothing

Skeletons of Jews Killed by Nazis in WWII
Skeletons of Jews Killed by Nazis in WWII

UEOG’s Commandments to Protect the People

Some of these commandments already exist in scriptures or as laws of some governments. UEOG have these included to be as complete as possible


1. Thou Shall Not Kill.

2. Thou Shall Not Cause Pain or Suffering, Kidnap or Confine People

3. Love thy neighbor as thy self.

4. Treat everyone with Justice and Fairness.

5. Share your wealth with all.  Follow donations as per guidelines below.

6. Provide Security, Peace, Human Rights, Freedom, Independence, Democracy, Self rule, Harmony and Happiness for all .

7. Dictatorship governments shall be dismantled.

8. Terrorism, which kills, injures or causes property damage to civilians by Terrorists or Governments or World or Regional Powers is strictly prohibited.  However Freedom and Liberation Struggle for a just cause against oppression and violence against a minority race or religion, when peaceful negotiation fails, is understood by UEOG, as long as civilians are not used as human shields. Countries under siege by rampaging troops, gangs and rebels are subject to UEOG commandments.

9.  No Child Soldiers shall be recruited or under military training below the age of 18

10. Provide Security, Food, Water, Medical Attention, Protection from Property Damage and Safe Shelter for Refugees affected by War.

11.  Everyone in every business establishment is accountable from the top down and bottom up. That is the workers in low level can question the action of his superiors in higher levels and get answers and resolution.

12. Governments of all levels, businesses and the rich together with UEOG;

(a)  Provide Guaranteed Jobs or Income, which meets the cost of living in the area concerned. No one may be fired or layed off from work, except if the worker is not compliant with the rules of work as approved by UEOG TBD.  Existing workload has to be shared with all the workers willing to work

(b)  Provide Adequate Social Security or Pension Income consistent with the cost of living in the area the person is living, for all those who cannot earn a living because they are old or sick or disabled

(c)  Provide Food, Water, Shelter, Heating, and Air-conditioning in extreme heat for everyone

(d)  Provide Medical Coverage for everyone

(e)  Increase Medical Professionals and Services to meet the demand

(f)   Provide Security, Rescue and Emergency Services during War, Natural Disasters and Accidents for everyone

(g)  Provide Education from kindergarten to university for everyone

(h)  Establish Orphanages for Unwanted or Abused or Poor or Homeless Children

(i)   Provide Help for everyone who needs, particularly, the Poor, the Old, the Children, the Sick, Mentally or Physically Disabled


Murambi Genocide Memorial
Murambi Genocide Memorial

Starving Child in Africa in Mather's Lap
Starving Child in Africa in Mather’s Lap

Nuclear Bomb Mushroom Cloud
Nuclear Bomb Mushroom Cloud


13.  No Child Labor under the age of 18. But Could do a part time light job or Volunteer with UEOG or other non profit or charity organizations up to 10 Hours per week

14.  Children under the age of 18 shall be in school and complete a minimum of grade10 and one year of prfessional training

15.  No Child Prostitution

16.  No Child Pornography

17.  No Slavery

18.  Area of the earth is fixed and the population is approximately 6.5 billion. Could become 9 Billion by 2040. We are in desperate need of human and domestic animal population control aggressively. First we should Curb Population Growth to a steady level, then reduce it to acceptable level because of serious issues arising from: Availability of Land, Environment, Global Warming, Destruction of Natural Habitat, solid, liquid and gaseous pollution emission per consumer, Depletion of Non Renewable Natural Resources.  In order to avoid a catastrophe arising from all these sources in the not so distant future, we may be forced to resort to unpleasant choices such as one child per more than one family.  Negotiate with religious establishments on birth control

19.  Conserve non renewable natural resources

20.  Conserve land.

21.  Support Medical Research on life threatening deceases, such as AIDS and Cancer

Starving Child and Mother in Africa
Starving Child and Mother in Africa











Justice Court Balance and Hammer
Justice Court Balance and Hammer









Atomic Bomb Dropped in Nagasaki during WWII
Atomic Bomb Dropped in Nagasaki during WWII











22.  Support Research on sensible economy with UEOG concerns being addressed

23.  Research on Conservation of Natural Habitat, Non Renewable Natural Resources, Saving the Animals, Animal Health, Peace, Harmony, Happy life for all with emphasis on happiness being loving the people, the animals and the environment, and being content with limited material needs  

24.  Voluntary weight control for health, fitness and charity by limiting groceries bought and eating out by amount spent by calories, weight. Donate food to the poor at home or in developing countries.

25.  Sale or Smuggling of Harmful Drugs or Growing such Plants are prohibited

26.  Governments of all levels and the top 100 000 companies appoint ambassadors to deal with UEOG and UEOG will appoint the same

27.  Governments of all levels, businesses and those who are rich with an asset over 2 Million US $(normalized to United States New York City income level) together with UEOG

     (a)  Develop the developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America so that they are self sufficient by TBD year

     (b) Assure Jobs, Food, Water, Shelter, Education, Heating and Air conditioning in extreme heat, and Medical Coverage, for all in the above countries by TBD year.

28. Selling Weapons, Providing Military Advice, Taking part in active military action, providing information to or Aiding Governments who violate human rights by their troops or gangs against any one or an ethnic or a religious or an orientation groups or undertaking joint spying with such governments constitute serious violation

29. Governments, Businesses and UEOG Shall Conduct Research Study the Impact on People by Businesses, Products and Services

30. Governments and Businesses Shall Take Appropriate Actions to eliminate or drastically reduce the negative impacts on People revealed by the above Research Study