General Laws


General Laws for Everyone, All Establishments and Governments, Applicable Once the United Earth Government (UEGOV) is Established

1. Established a New World Order, a United Earth Government (UEGOV), Common to the Whole Earth, , Elected from a Pool of Proven NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) and Activists Working on the above Critical Issues, UEGOV being at the Top of Power and Authority Hierarchy,  Sharing Some Powers and Jurisdictions with the UN and Elected World Governments,  Covering the Critical Issues,  United Earth Court, United Earth Security and Peace Keeping Force, Ratify and Implement Earth Law as Written Here in General Laws and as per

2. All Parents or Guardians, Schools, Colleges, Universities, TV, Radio, News Papers, Magazines, Internet Search Engines, NGOs, Religions, Political Parties and Governments shall Teach the Values of ;  Education, Love and Respect Earth, People, Animals, Trees, Waters, Air, Land, Peace, Harmony, Volunteering for UEOG and other Earth NGOs, being Vegans, Nutritious Food (Protein, Vegetables, Fruits, Vitamins, Minerals), Clean Water, Clean Air, Exercise,  Clean Body and Mind, Yoga, Meditation, Harms of Bacteria, Viruses, Aids, Sex, Teen Pregnancy and Fathering, Gangs, Terrorists, Child Soldiers, Cults, Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol, Starting as early as four years old, before any Bad Guys or Cults or Gangs or Terror Groups Corrupt their Vulnerable Young Minds with Harmful Literature. In addition Teach the contents in the Home and Goals Pages of as the First and Top Priority Topic in their Programs or Curriculums or Search Results as the case may be.

3. Everyone over the age of 12 should know the Contents in the Goals Page in; Everyone over 16 should know the Contents in the Home and Goals Pages. Everyone over 16 should access and pass the United Earth Government Test on being a Good Earth Citizen.

4. Everyone on earth should register with, obtain a United Earth Identification Number, and join the United Earth Volunteer Force, to Protect the People, Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment. Those below 16 or not in good health or disabled should be registered and supervised by their parents or guardians as applicable.

5. Everyone Shall Report any and every violation of Earth Law by anyone. Identity of the person reporting the violation will be kept confidential.

6. All Governments and UN are required to meet with the appointed representatives of the earth government and consider their inputs into their decisions, constitution and lawmaking processes.

7. Earth Law requires that legitimate laws be passed in countries/provinces/states/ cities/municipalities to Protect the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment from Abuse, Meeting Laws as per

8. All governments at all levels Bear the Cost of Wages, Purchases, for all Goods and Services performed by the Earth Government, Allocating TBD% of their Annual Budget. This will be their Best Possible Investments Governments will ever make for their Citizens.

9. All Governments Provide other Resources including, Manpower, Office, Lab, Industrial and Warehouse Space to the Earth Government.

10. All Governments Provide Civil, Prison, Police, Military and Intelligence Personnel, Services and Facilities to the Earth Government

11. All Governments Shall be Ready for Peaceful Transition and Changing of the Guards by Transferring Some of the Powers, Command and Control On Earth Matters Covering the Critical Issues identified in, to the Earth Government in the Year/Month/Day and Time TBD.

12. Everyone and every establishment except governments shall donate a percentage of their annual gross income before taxes and assets to the Earth Government or other organizations approved by as per Table TBD below

13.Everyone shall designate the Earth Government as a beneficiary in their will, and in case of absence of close relatives, designate United Earth as the primary beneficiary.

14. would like to request the corporation and support from everyone, the rich and the powerful to make the sacrifices, adjustments in lifestyle, learn to live a relatively humble life,  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, with minimum of material things, be vegetarians, even better vegans, for the common good of all the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment in our desperate struggle. Those who get effected financially by Earth Law, such as butchers, animal farmers, loggers, fisherman, business persons, workers from timber, animal and fish industries, auto Industry, Energy, Mining, Construction etc., shall be compensated by corporation and joint action by the Earth Government with National governments, Businesses, Reallocation and Retraining the workforce into the Fast Growing Sustainable Green Economy.

15.Replace Capitalism which Concentrates and Grows the Wealth and Control of the Businesses, Farms, Lands, Owned and Run by 1% of the Population, with those Collectively Owned and Run by the Workers or Masses who Meet, Take Decisions, Hire and Fire Directors with Guidance of the Earth Government, a Scaled Down Capitalism with Some Central Planning,  Flexibility to Experiment, Learn with Time and Adjust the Economic System with Feedback, with Fair Incomes based on Merits with Financial Security.

16.Replace Owning Homes, Furniture and Appliances with Easily Paid Off Furnished Living Space wherever they Move.

17.Replace Owning Vehicles with On Demand Renewable Energy Based Rapid Door to Door Transportation.

18.Last two points Help Sustainability of Earth and Eliminate the Burden of Loans and Mortgages to Banks and Cyclic Economic Recessions.

19.Provide Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Education Covered by Taxes and Reasonably Priced Green Goods and Services.


Register, Volunteer and Inform Everyone about what you learned.

Donate as per the guidelines.

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