Clear Cut Rain Forest
Clear Cut Rain Forest









Shrinking North Pole Ice Boundary
Shrinking North Pole Ice Boundary







Global Global Warming Temperature and CO2 Parts Per Million with Years
Global Warming Temperature and CO2 Parts Per Million with Years









UEOGs Commandments to Protect the Environment


TBD         To be decided

1. Mandatory Negotiation on People, Animals, Peace, Natural Habitat, Environment and Non Renewable Natural Resources, between Nations and Agree on Target Levels TBD and a Time Line TBD to Achieve these Levels

2. No Nuclear or Conventional Bombing, Shelling, Firing any Guns or Rifles or Artillery in People or Animal or Habitat Territory

3. Nuclear Disarmament Agreement between Nations to Disarm in Phases which Completely Eliminates all Nuclear Weapons As Soon As Possible (TBD).  Agree for a Mandatory Ban of Nuclear Warheads and Missiles Testing

4. Conventional Weapons Reduction Agreement between Nations to Disarm in Phases

5. No Dumping of Harmful Substances, Wastes, Industrial or Other Pollutants, or Untreated or UnFiltered Sewage in to the Waters or Soil. They shall be made Harmless for Safe Disposal into the Environment or Kept in Storage to be Processed Fully when the Technology and Funds become availbale, and kept from Leaking into the Waters or Soil 

6. No Harmful Gasses such as CO, SO2, NO2 or other Harmful Gases may be vented into the air

7. Generation of Harmful Substances, Per Person Per Month is Limited to the Levels as per Table TBD

8. Wastes Generated Per Person Per Year and Lifetime, is Allocated to and Accounted for by Individuals as Per Table TBD

9. Land for home is limited to TBD Per Single Family. Unfortunately due to More than Bearable Population of the Earth with the Added Constraints on Lumber due to Depletion of Natural Habitat, we Should Abandon the traditional idea of families Owning Homes on Individual Land Plots. This applies particularly to Mansions which Occupy Large Land Area and puts a High Demand on Lumber, Energy for Heating and Air Conditioning and other Material Resources. We are forced to Resort to High Rise Buildings, with Limited Living Space per Family. However we Should be able to Have a Common Park, Garden and Play Ground for Children and Pets in the Ground Level

10. Reduce CO2 Emission Per Person Per Year in the form of Energy or Material Needs as Per Table TBD 

11. Items 6, 7, 8 and 10 for Businesses, Non Profit Organizations and Governments is TBD

12. Sign and Commit to Kyoto, IPCC and other Similar Agreements to Combat Climate Change (Global Warming)

13. Buying, Consumption of Timber and other Non Renewable resources per person per month is limited to the level as per table TBD. Limits of quota of Metal, Concrete, Asphalt, Building Materials, Lumber, Consumer Items, Mining etc. will be covered by this Table

14. Items 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 13 for Individuals, Businesses, Non Profit Organiations and Governments Shall be Monitored and Controlled Online (via Internet). 

15. Governments, Municipalities, Cities, Provinces and Businesses Shall Legislate and may Buy this Quota from Individuals, for Example to Build Roads or Bridges or Malls or Vehicles etc.

15B. Legislate and Plant a Trillion Trees to absorb enough CO2 to Combat Climate Change by Individuals, Home Owners, Businesses, Schools, Municipalities, Governments etc.


Hurricane Pictured from a Satellite
Hurricane Pictured from a Satellite









Temperature with CO2 Concentration in PPM in Ice Core Data
Temperature with CO2 Concentration in PPM in Ice Core Data







Hurricane High Winds
Hurricane High Winds










16. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Be a responsible consumer and Reduce consumption by eliminating unnecessary and luxury items such as owning big and multiple homes, too many and big cars, too many expensive clothing, too many furniture being changed too frequently, too many and unnecessary decorative items, taking frequent long distance trips, too many expensive entertainment items changed too frequently, giving material gifts to people who can afford them, instead make pledges to the poor in developing countries or other unfortunate people or the animals or if you must give this gift to this person, it could be to enroll them yoga, meditation, or exercise or tuition or cash. Leading a simple life, which does not exert a high demand, our earth’s natural resources, will help our children, future generations and us

17. Carefully manage Mining, Energy and Growth of economy in developing countries

18. Stop manufacturing of TBD W1 weight class Cars in TBD  T1 Years and TBD W2 weight class in TBD T2 years and so on, and most of the cars in TBD T3 years as per table TBD. 

19. Establish Energy and Environmentally Friendly Online Coordinated Shared and Public Transportation. Expand on highly Energy Efficient and Frequent Public Mass Transportation such as World Wide High Speed Electric Trains, Subways, Busses, Vans, for Transportation with Safety, Comfort, Security, Convenience with Door to Door Pick-ups and Drop-offs for Baggage, Disabled Persons and Pets

20. Find Environmentally and Renewable Resources Friendly ways to Generate Energy.  Shut Down Nuclear Fission Reactors.  Commit to Research and Development of Relatively Safe Nuclear Fusion Rectors such as ITER and INTOR

21. Reduce traveling to work by telecommuting using the Internet for many desk jobs, schooling, shopping etc.

22. Disposal of Harmful Virus and Bacteria shall be shall be by  incineration

22. Disposal of Dead Bodies and their personal items Infected with Contagious Virus or Bacteria shall be by incineration

23.  Radioactive Wastes Shall be Stored in Protective Containers in Safe Locations for Long Enough Periods  

24.  Recycling of everything such as Paper, Plastics, Glass, Metal and Timber is Compulsory

25.  Disposable Products such as Shaving Razors, Lighters, Paper or Plastic Shopping Bags, Paper Plates, Cups and Cutler, Paper Napkins, Paper Towels and the like Shall Not be Manufactured, Sold or Given Away for Free. One possible solution: Everyone carry their own Utensils made of Suitable Material and Cloth Napkins.  Although this sounds absurd, but when the oceans overflow into your home due to global warming, absurdity lies in not taking these measures seriously  

26. Bottles, Cans, Packing Boxes, Crates, Shopping Bags and the like shall be standardized and made of almost 100% Recyclable Material such as Aluminum or other Suitable Recyclable Synthetic Material and a Deposit Equal to the Cost of the Item Contained Shall be Collected at the Time of Purchase.  These Containers Shall be Monitored Online and Returned to be able to Purchase anymore such items 

27. All manufactured items shall be Designed and Tested to Last as Long as Possible as per United Earth Guidelines TBD.  They Shall not be Designed to Fail in a Relatively Short Time Frame Intentionally in order to sell More  

28.  Prize of items sold in small quantity shall not be Increased as an incentive to sell more  

29. Motorized Leisure and Sports such as Auto Racing, Motor Boats, Snowmobiles, Frequent Cruises and Trips shall be banned

Teaching of Ethics and Responsibility

30. Education of people of all ages in all the topics covered here shall be provided at all levels such as: United Nations, Countries, Provinces, Cities, Municipalities, Towns, Villages, Nursery Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, Day Cares, Children’s TV programs, Radio, TV and Internet Search Engines, News, Movies, Talk Shows, Discussions, News Paper, Books, Magazines, Journals.  

(a) Love, Care and Compassion towards Animals, People and Care of Natural Habitat including the Forests, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Air and Land  

(b) Importance of the Environment and Natural resources

(c) Importance of Population  and Birth Control

Nutrition and Health of Body and Mind and Happiness

(d) Promote Peace, Harmony, Yoga, Meditation, Healthy and Happy life, how to be a Sensible Consumer Leading a Life which does not Lead to Depletion of Natural Resources, Destruction of Animal Habitat, Cause Global Warming or Generate Harmful Substances, Kill or Hurt people or Animals, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol

(e) Fitness and Exercising, Maintaining a good weight 

(f) Nutrition; Appropriate Proportions and quantities of Water, Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Vitamins, Fat and Omega-3.  Good Timely Eating Habits. Avoid Saturated fat in Meat and Junk Food such as Hamburgers, Hot Dogs

(g) Being a Vegetarian allows one to lead a Healthy Life without the Risks of Strokes and Heart Attacks by Saturated Fat and Cholesterol in Meat.

(h) Also Being a Vegetarian allows one to lead an Ethical Life and Avoid the Suffering of Animals in the Meat and  Fishing Industries

(e) No Advertisements of Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol in any Media

(e) No Advertisements of Animal Products in any Media  


Atomic Bomb Dropped in Nagasaki during WWII
Atomic Bomb Dropped in Nagasaki during WWII












Polar Bear In Shrinking Polar Ice
Polar Bear In Shrinking Polar Ice








Fort McMurray Canada Wild Fire
Fort McMurray Canada Wild Fire










31. Shall Organize Programs during Prime Time in Radio, TV, or in the Front Pages of Newspapers, all the published Magazines, Books, Motioned in Movies, Dramas and Shows Promoting the above.  

32.  Internet Search Engines should display the link for UEOG Website ( as the first item found by search engines daily when search is done on People, Animal, Plant Life and Environment Topics until everyone on earth knows about it and the updates  

  1. Dismantle Nations, Borders and Become part of One United Earth  by the year TBD, as this the cause of earth’s major problems: Conflicts leading up to Nuclear and Conventional Weapons Escalation with the Danger of Possibility of War, Turmoil of People, Animals and being a Major Contributing factor towards Environmental Damage, Global Warming and Generation of Harmful Substances  
  2. Governments together with UEOG should Catch, Prosecute and Punish Violators of UEOG Commandments
  3. Governments, Businesses and UEOG Shall Conduct Research Study the Impact on the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment by Businesses, Products and Services 
  4. Governments and Businesses Shall Take Appropriate Actions to eliminate or drastically reduce the negative impacts on the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment revealed by the above Research Study. Transport of Radioactive Nuclear Material, in ships or as the nuclear fuel in submarines or ships powered by nuclear material, or as weapons, Crude Oil or Other Harmful Substances, across the oceans, lakes and rivers shall be banned. When transporting them through land populated by people or animals, extreme care shall be exercised
  5. Should Promote an Internet Coordinated, World Wide, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly, Door to Door Transportation