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Earth Law

Background: In view of the facts stated above and since we mistakenly thought we successfully killed Hitler and the Nazis at the end of 2nd World War. But Hitler and the Nazis’ character being very much alive, doing many atrocities against underprivileged People and Animals, Harming the Environment, Depleting Natural Habitat and Natural Resources, doing Irreversible Damage to Mother Earth. Their bad nature has taken a different form, as irresponsible wicked and bad leadership core of many nations, submitting to the powerful few, who are blind to the basic rights, pain and suffering of underprivileged People and Animals. This combined with the lack of interest and incapability of the International community to realize the Urgency to Take Action and Save Mother Earth, in time before it is too late, prompted UEOG to come up with

Earth Law.

It offers the only way out of the Chaos and Catastrophe we face to save mother earth from spiraling towards destruction, and a sensible path towards an assured future for us, our children, the animals and future generations to come.



UEOG United Earth Organization

UEGOV United Earth Government

UEGOVPKF United Earth Government Peace Keeping Force

UEOGID/UEGOVID United Earth Government ID

UEVOL United Earth Volunteers

PAPENRCD the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat, the Environment, Non Renewable Natural Resources, Take Action against Natural and Man Made Disasters, Keep Population Explosion under Control (the Eight UEOG Issues)

TBD To be Decided

General Laws for Everyone, All Governments and Entities, People in Command and Control

  1. Earth Law is authored to Protect the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat, the Environment, Non Renewable Natural Resources, take Action against Natural and Man Made Disasters, Keep Population Explosion under Control (the Eight UEOG Issues PAPENRCD) to Assure Safe, Secure, Peaceful, Healthy and Happy life for all the People and Animals on Earth Now and in the Future.
  2. It is Everyone’s, particularly those who are concerned about the the Eight UEOG Issues PAPENRCD, Responsibility to Register in www.ueog.org, Volunteer, Take Charge of Earth Matters.and Elect a United Earth Government. Initially, United Earth Government Members, shall be elected by people with a proven history of responsibility, love and care towards Underprivileged People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment, Later to be expanded to include more and more people who become caring and loving towards earth matters as they get informed and educated, as decided by the Elected United Earth Government.
  3. Until this document is Completed and Ratified by the Elected United Earth Government (UEGOV), what is written in this document forms the Guide Line for Earth Law. Until sufficient people register in www.ueog.org and become United Earth Volunteers (UEVOL), Conduct a United Earth Government Election and Elect the United Earth Government Members, Appoint United Earth Government Peace Keeping Force (UEGOVPKF) Members, the Founder of UEOG shall be the Administrator of Earth Law.
  4. Earth Law shall be the Ultimate Law on Earth, which Overrides All Laws of All Governments on Earth: United Nations, Countries, Nations, Territories, Provinces, States, Counties, Cities, Municipalities or any other entities, when ratified and passed by the Elected United Earth Government, which everyone and All Entities, including all Governments and Authorities on all levels on Earth, including Prime Ministers, Presidents, Governor Generals, Kings, Queens, Attorney Generals, Commanders in Chief, Military, Police, Intelligence Departments, Advisors and Decision Makers of All Countries Shall Abide by.
  5. United Earth Government shall Create a United Earth Court, which shall become the Highest Court on Earth, Over and Above Any Other Court,This Court shall Prosecute and Bring to Justice all Human Rights, Animal Rights, Environmental, Natural Habitat and Natural Resources Laws Violators, all over the Earth.
  6. All Governments, Leaderships of all the Countries shall resolve, come to an agreement and implement matters on All Weopons, Nuclear and Conventional, ranging from small arms to Nuclear Submarines to Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles, Manufacture, Possession, Sale, Import, Export, Storage, Transport and Disarmament, Environment, Natural Habitat, Deforestation, Natural Habitat, CO2, Generation and Release Harmful Substances into the air, waters and land, Global Warming Quotas, Stop Torturing People and Animals, and abide by Earth Law by the date to be set by the Elected United Earth Government. If the international community fails to achieve this goal, since the danger is looming at an alarming rate, the Administrator of Earth Law sets a deadline for such an agreement and Start Implementation to be the date TBD.
  7. Everyone shall register in www.ueog.org and obtain a United Earth Government ID (UEGOVID), which may be used to participate in Elections, become Volunteers, get paid by employers, do banking, buy items in stores, track CO2 and Harmful Substances Generation Ration, later to become the One and Only Card any one needs to be used as Passport, Bank, Credit and Employment Security and Voting ID Card. Those under 18 shall be registered and supervised by their parents or guardians, and those over the age of 8 shall join the UEOG Volunteer Force on a part time basis – to Protect the People, Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment.
  8. Everyone on earth over the age of 18 is Mandated to join the United Earth Government Peace Keeping Force, Guarding Earth Law, and Protect the People, Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment. Full time or part time UEOG Volunteer Force, UEGOV Security and Peace Keeping Force Members, Qualified and Initially Selected by UEOG, later selected by the Elected UEGOV, shall get Salary compensation and benefits from the federal, provincial, municipal governments in the country or territory they operate.
  9. Parents, Grand Parents, Guardians, Elders, Teachers, Schools Shall Educate Children from small age as little as four years, the values of being Good Children of Mother Earth, Love of People, Animals, Plants, Natural Habitat and the Environment, becoming a Member, Volunteering and Guarding Peace and Security of Mother Earth.
  10. It is Mandated that Laws be passed by Governments of all the Countries/Provinces/States/ Cities/Municipalities to Protect the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment, in agreement with Earth Law.
  11. Everyone and every establishment shall donate a percentage of their annual gross income before taxes and assets to UEOG initially or other organizations approved by UEOG as per Table TBD below, later to UEGOV.
  12. Everyone shall designate UEOG initially, later UEGOV as a beneficiary in their will, and in case of absence of close relatives, designate UEOG as the primary beneficiary in their will
  13. All educational, media (TV, Radio, News Papers, Magazines), internet search engines, religious, political, legal establishments shall Publish, Teach and or Inform, Earth Law, UEOG Goals and Commandments as the first and highest priority topic in their search results or programs or curriculums or agenda in Prime Time or Front Pages as the case may be.
  14. It is the responsibility of the Parents, Grandparents and Schools, that Everyone over the age of 12 should know the UEOG Goals; Everyone over 16 is should know both the UEOG Goals and Commandments
  15. Realizing UEOG has volunteered to undertake the tasks which should have been done by the world governments in the first place, representing the whole Earth with real concerns for all the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment, world Governments should grant and recognize UEGOV(United Earth Government) and UEGOV-APNE (UEGOV for Animals, Plants, Natural Habitat and the Environment), when elected, as the Earth’s Highest Power and Authority in Charge, over and above all the world’s national governments or unions of governments, admitting they have done nearly nothing or very little so far, have nearly no or very little plans to take serious action regarding these matters to the required level or at the required pace, to solve the earth’s most serious threatening issues, such as Human Rights and Poverty around the world, Torture of Animals, Global Warming, Destruction of Natural Habitat, Pollution of Air, Water and Land, Rapid Depletion of Non Renewable Natural Resources with No Concern for our Children or the Animals. Furthermore letting events such as Genocide against innocent people take place in modern times, with the world powers doing nothing or just lip service, and working towards their own domination and power, showing little or no concern. UEOG is sad to say that the world powers have had their chances for more than several decades to rectify the basic life threatening matters ranging from human and animal rights violations to global warming.
  16. It is your responsibility to Stand on Guard, and Make sure that you and everyone follows it. You are mandated to report initially to UEOG later to the local United Earth Government Office, anyone violating Earth Law.
  17. If you are part of the line of command and or hold highly responsible post, such as Decision Makers, Politicians, Judiciary, Military, Police, Security, Advisors of a Regime, or Country, Top Management of Companies, where Earth Law is Violated, Beware and Be Warned of your Responsibility and Loyalty to Mother Earth, in Doing what is Right and be on the Right Side of Earth Law and Justice, the weight on your shoulder is far greater to save Mother Earth for Us, Our Children, Animals, Environment, Natural Habitat. If Soldiers of Hitler’s Nazis can be brought to justice for Crimes against humanity, So Can You, If you violate Earth Law. According to History, Many people in responsible positions turned the tide and changed the balance of power in successful revolutions.
  18. Carbon-di-Oxide Generation per person is limited to TBD Kg per Year per person (Depends on Height).
  19. Harmful Substances Generation per person is limited as per the Table TBD.
  20. All the seats of all vehicles shall be occupied while moving. Log into the website TBD or Call 1 xxx xxx xxxx in North America to reserve Seats and find Passengers. May charge a fee of TBD per Km/per Mile per person as per Table TBD.
  21. Reduction and Stoppage of Manufacture and Use of Gasoline Engine Motor Vehicles Shall follow the Table in Section TBD.
  22. Planning and Implementing of High Speed Electric Trains shall be as per Section TBD.
  23. UEOG would like to request the corporation and support from the public, the rich and the powerful to make the sacrifices, adjustments in lifestyle, learn to live as vegetarians, with minimum of material things, for the common good of all the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment in our desperate struggle. Those who get effected financially by UEOG Commandments, such as butchers, animal farmers, loggers, fisherman, business persons, workers from timber, animal and fish industry, auto Industry, energy, mining, development etc., shall be compensated by corporation and joint action by governments, businesses and UEOG, with reallocation of the workforce and retraining into other trades, with assured financial security matching the cost of living of the location they live in. Please register with UEOG, Donate as per the guidelines, Volunteer and Inform everyone about what you know about UEOG. Email to a Friend via the link at the bottom of the page
  24. Convince Governments who supply weapons and or logistical support, to stop supplying Weapons of Mass Destruction such as cluster bombs and or other support used against Civilians such as Bombers, Helicopters, Tanks, and Artillery to stop supplying these any more. It is a Crime to Support Criminals.
  25. Earth’s Population explosion shall be brought under control to a survivable number: Possibly 5 billion as a first step and then to a survivable number based on supply of resources, conservation of environment, natural habitat and generation of harmful substances needs. Follow Family planning by adopting a mandatory maximum of 2 Children per Couple first till the population is less than 6.8 Billion, then if it still grows, change to maximum of 1 Child per Couple, then if it still grows to change to maximum of 1 Child for more than one Couple (Possibility of sharing children by more than one couple or persons, based on the notion that we love all the children of this earth like our own biologically).
  26. A Man or Woman with hereditary life threatening or disabling or other serious physical or mental or behavioral Problems such as Hitler, with People, Animals or Environment Abuse disorders shall not bear children.
  27. Shall Eliminate any project with negative impact on animals and the environment, such as Blocking Rivers, which flood Animal Habitat, Wind Energy Projects which interferes with birds.
  28. Shall Reclaim Territory from human development back to the Natural Habitat, Environment, Animals and Plants. Eliminate Unnecessary Cities, Roads, Mines, Huge Shopping Malls, Unnecessary Factories manufacturing Guns, Weapons, Big Motor Vehicles, Excessive Lavish Clothing and other personal items, Lumber and Animal Products, Unnecessary Steroids and Chemicals harmful to animals and people, useless drugs, Motorized Leisure Vehicles, Boats and a very long list items TBD.
  29. Every 10 Kilometers of Roads, provide a continuous pathway for migration of animals, by designing and constructing wide and tall enough unobstructed underpass or overpass for animals to migrate. Later this is to be reduced to every 5, and 2 Kilometers respectevely.
  30. Fence off all highways and roads in both sides to protect animals being injured by vehicles. Villages with a history where the traffic is slow and people are caring enough so that traffic avoids injuring or killing animals, this may be exempt.
  31. During and after the transition period of command and control from the existing governments to United Earth Government, the existing governments shall tansfer all powers, includding the Police and Military.
  32. The elected United Earth Government shall decide to share power with the existing governments, based on which governments and departments they see fit on a case by case basis.

Note: Since Earth Law and this Page is under development, until it is Completed, Corrected and Rectified, the Web Pages with the links below shall be the continuation of this document. Certain items may be repeated more than once.