Cow Hung from One Leg
Cow Hung from One Leg in the Meat Industry









Elephant Abused in Circus Died in Transit
Elephant Abused in Circus Died in Transit








Seal Pup being Clubbed to Death by a Sealer
Seal Pup being Clubbed to Death by a Sealer in Canada












Earth Law to Protect Animals


Some of these Commandments already Exist in Scriptures and in Thirukual or as Laws of some governments. United Earth has these included here to be as Complete as Possible


TBD    To Be Decided

1. Shall Not Kill Animals

2. Shall Not Cause Pain to or Suffering of Animals as a result of

(a) Slaughter

(b) Hunting

(c) Strangling

(d) Fishing, Catching: Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions, Turtles, Crabs, Lobsters, Clams, Oysters, and so on

(e) Castration

(f) Cutting off the head or other organs

(g) Surgery without anesthesia

(h) Marking with Hot Iron

(i)  Piercing their Body Parts with any object

(j) Hitting them either on the head or any other parts of the body

(k) Catching Chickens or any other Animals in a Cruel Way

(l) Administering Steroids or Other Substances to make them Gain weight rapidly or to increase the milk output, which causes their brain, nerves and leg muscles malfunction and not being able to standup or walk, suffering for the rest of their lives, getting tumors and Sick

(m) Starving them

(n)  Not providing water

(o)  Using Electric Shocks, Canning, Pricking them with sharp objects to
train them or control them

(p)  Confining them in tight Cages without Freedom to move during their stay in animal farms or transportation

(q)  Separating mothers and calves

(r)  Not allowing the mother to nurse the calf

(s) Slaughter of Calves for Veal

(t) Milking Cows and other animals with Machines, or Milking too much without leaving Enough Milk for the calves

(u) Keeping or Transporting them in Very Cold or Hot or Rainy or Extreme Combination of  Sunny and Hot conditions such as Outdoors in Winter or Unheated or Not Cooled Garages or Vehicles in Winter or Hot Summer Months

(v) Not Taking Precautions Against Natural and Manmade disasters

(w) Not Taking Precautions Against Accidents during their Stay or Transportation

(x) Not Rescuing them from Harm in time in the above Two Situations

(x) Injecting Virus, Bacteria, Drugs or other Harmful Substances or Forcing to Inhale Harmful Gases for Experimentation in the Pharmaceutical Research Labs

(y) Tying them or Confining them in Cages except for their Own Safety and Safety of other Animals and People by SPCA or Caring Owners as Deemed Necessary

(z) Stretching them or applying any force which hurts them

(aa) Using them to do work: Pull Carts, Tow Trees, and Plough Fields.

(bb) Training them for Circus or Shows or do Work with Punishments

(cc) Riding them in an un-loving manner. But Looking after animals such as horses and riding them with love and care without stressing them or hurting them is not a bad thing

(dd) Racing them

(ee) Conducting or Watching Animal fights such as Dog Fights, Cock Fights etc.

(ff) Wearing Collars or Harnesses on them which Hurts them

(gg)  Conducting Psychological abuse

(hh) Capturing Animals, Birds, Sea Animals and Fish from the Wild

(ii) Conducting or Watching Animal Circus

(jj) Conducting or Participating or Watching Rodeo

(kk) Participating in Games using Animals such as playing Polo or other Games with Horses

(ll) All animals great and small deserve our love and care such as: Ants, Bees, Bugs, Mice, Snails, Butterflies, Fireflies, Snakes, Earthworms deserve our attention and we should not trample them or swat them or smoke them or burn them or hurt them in any other way. Exercise caution with Ant Hills, Bee Hives, Snake Pits etc. when they are in our way during clearing land, excavation, mining and other human activity

(mm) Performing anything to Animals including Training, by Physical or Phycological Abuse or Denial of Food or Water or Confining for Extended Periods

(nn) Skinning them

(00) Dehorning them

(pp) Debeaking them

3. Shall Not Hunt Animals

4. Animal Traps or Nets to Catch Animals or Birds for Meat or Trophy shall not be permitted

5. A Non Law: Most of the people believe that Confining, Slaughtering, Hunting Animals and Consuming Fish or Meat is Okay. UEOG hopes to convince them to rethink this on the basis of Cruelty, Pain and Suffering experienced by animals, rather than being tempted by the taste of meat, protein content and business reasons for the meat and fishing industries

6.  Shall not Slaughter Animals for Meat until they are about to die of natural causes. This commandment is not popular with meat lovers or the meat industry. But meat lovers do not feel the pain and suffering of animals during slaughter and the painful life they endure from birth to death. For those who are insensitive to the pain, terror and suffering of animals, please watch Hell on Earth for Animals video clip. Please take the time to think and feel, then you will understand their pain and suffering

7. When slaughtering or doing anything which hurts animals, administer proper pain killers and sedatives to avoid pain, terror and suffering

8. No Animal farms or ranches which confine animals to limited space, which denies their free movement such as cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry etc. are permitted. Provide natural feeding environment with sufficient space and freedom to walk about

9.  Shall not domesticate animals for meat

10.  Shall not Hit Animals either on the head or any other parts of the body

11. Shall not Catch Chicken or any other Animal in a cruel way

12. Eliminate Animal Sacrifice in Religious Ceremonies

Photos above and below:

Chicken is being mutilated by cutting off the beak with a hot knife, a painful torture.

Pig and Piglets in very Small Cages restricted without any freedom to move.

A Dog being beaten in Korea.

Elephant Kidnapped from it’s Mother and Family in distress suffers from tuberculosis.

A Milking Cow with a hugely Distended Udder, which is quite painful.

A Bull is being Tortured in a Rodeo for Entertainment.

13. Shall not Fish using Nets which Tortures and Kills them by suffocation for air struggling to free themselves. Shall Not Hunt or Kill or Catch Sea Animals such as Whales, Dolphins, Penguins, Seals, Sea Lions, Turtles, Iguanas, Crabs, Lobsters, Clams, Oysters, and so on. Fish just like farm animals suffer by suffocating for air and the pain of being caught in the fishing net or tortured by excruciating pain by fishing hooks. But until TBD United Earth will relax this commandment to be replaced by commandments 15 to 17, to accommodate the fisherman and the people who consume fish and give them time to understand and become vegetarians

14. No Fish Farming

15. No Fishing using Trawlers with a Displacement over TBD Tons per Trawler and the total displacement of all the trawlers in the world added up is limited to TBD tons for the world population. All the fishing companies and fisherman share this quota.

16.  For Fish weighing under TBD Kilos, No Fishing using nets over a total TBD Square Meters or catching over a total of TBD Kilos of fish for the whole world population

17. Shall not Fish using Hooks

18. Shall Not Confine or Kill Dogs or Cats for Meat as they are Pets

19. Shall not Milk Cows, Goats or any other Animal. Milk is Not a Rightful Source of Nutrition for People. Soy Milk could be used as a substitute for Cow’s Milk. But United Earth will relax this commandment to be replaced by the commandments 20 to 22

20. Relaxed commandment: Cows, Goats may be milked traditionally by hand only after the Calf’s Hunger has been Fulfilled.

21. Shall Not Breed Animals, Except when allowed by United Earth or SPCA to Save some Species

22. No Puppy Mills

23. No Forced Pregnancies by Inserting or Injecting Sperms in Animal Farms

24. No Animal Fights

Pig and Piglets Constrained in Cages in Factory Farms
Pig and Piglets Constrained in Cages in Factory Farms











Monkey Crying out in Pain in Lab Experiment
Monkey Crying out in Pain in Lab Experiment









Elephant Abused in Circus Died in Transit
Elephant Abused in Circus Died in Transit








21. Cows, Goats or any other Animal Shall Not be Milked using Machines of any kind. It causes pain and suffering and is cruel

22. Calves of any animal shall not be separated from the mother or slaughtered for meat

23. Birds, Beavers, Bugs and other Animals Shall Not be Killed or eliminated as Pests, using Cruel methods such as Shooting them or using Chemicals, or using Mouse Traps which kills them or hurts them. Mice or any indoor pests may be caught alive humanely and released outside in friendly territory in safe weather

24. Wind Mills which poses Danger to Birds shall not be used. Engineers could work around this problem

25.  Shall Not use Steroids to Animals to increase their Hunger to gain Weight or Milk. They become deformed, develop tumors and cannot even stand or walk. They are dragged on the floor in a cruel manner to the slaughter houses

26. Shall not Hurt or Kill any animal which may be small such as: Ants, Bees, Bugs, Mice, Snails, Butterflies, Fireflies, Snakes, and Earthworms.  Shall not trample them or swat them or smoke them or burn them or hurt them in any other way. Exercise caution with Ant Hills, Bee Hives, Snake Pits etc. when they are in our way during clearing land, excavation, mining and other human activity

27. Be Vegetarians to Stop the Suffering of Animals in the Meat, Fishing and Similar Industries. Even better be Vegans to Stop the Suffering of Animals in the Dairy Industries 

28. Governments, Media, Religious Establishments and Educational Institutions shall Actively Promote Vegetarianism

29. Every restaurant or food outlets shall offer at least two full course vegetarian meals similar to what they are offering for non vegetarians

30. Shall not Promote or include Promotion Suggestive Mention of Cooked or Uncooked Meat or Seafood by advertising

31. Each person may not consume more than TBD Kilos of meat or fish per meter tall person per month.

32. Each meat or fish store or distributor may not store more than TBD Kilos of meat or fish per customer per month

33. Each meat or fish store or distributor may not sell more than TBD Kilos of meat or fish per customer per month.

34. No Destruction of Animal or Plant Life Habitat.

35. Protect the Animal and Plant Life Species and their Diversity

36. Protect endangered animal and plant species by increasing their population in the wild or in controlled environments

37. Establish Animal, Birds, Plant Life, Marine Life Waters, Parks, Sanctuaries and Shelters

38. Governments of all levels Provide Veterinary Care for All the Animals including Wild Animals

39. Increase drastically Animal Veterinary Professionals to the Required Level

40. No Games involving animals which causes confinement or causes pain or make them suffer or feel uncomfortable or risks their lives or cause injury such as playing Polo or other games with horses

Dog being Tortured with it's Front Legs Tied behind it's Back
Dog being Tortured with it’s Front Legs Tied behind it’s Back








Baby Seal Clubbed by a Sealer Crying Out in Pain
Baby Seal Clubbed by a Sealer Crying Out in Pain










Bull Hurt in Rodeo
Bull Hurt in Rodeo









Photos above and below:

A Dog being Tortured with it’s front legs tied behind it’s back and a can pushed over it’s mouth.

An Elephant Collapsed and Died in transit for a Circus for Entertainment is being dragged from a truck.

A Baby Harp Seal Cries out in Pain as being Beaten.

A Cow or Steer Conscious and Struggling to free from the Pain and Suffering in a Cattle farm in the Meat Industry.

Cow or Steer, Conscious and Struggling to Get Free from the restraint Suffering in Pain, in the Meat Industry

A Monkey in a Lab Experiment Cries Out in Pain. Human Indifference to Pain of Others!

A Monkey is being Forced into a Tube for a Lab Experiment Helplessly Watching in Agony.


41. No Bull, Dog, Cock or any other animal or bird Fights and Rodeo

42. No Horse Races, Dog Races or Dog Sleighs, Bullock Cart Races, Elephant Races, Camel Races

43. No Rides on animals for fees. But until enough Sanctuaries are established Riding is permitted as long as they are not stressed, not ridden in extreme hot or cold weather, given enough rest, fed and watered properly

44. Shall not Conduct or Watch Animal Circus. Animals such as elephants are caught from the wild, confined and trained by beating or hurting them with hooks and or denying food or water

45. Shall not Conduct or Participate or Watch Rodeo

46. Eliminate Puppy Mills and Cat Kennels for pet trade

47. No Pet Trade. But is permitted until the current supply lasts

48. Breeding of Animals or Birds or Fish as Pets or guard dogs is prohibited

49. Breeding of endangered species is encouraged for their protection

50. Establish sufficient number and sufficiently large Animal Sanctuaries in their natural habitat as much as possible or which resembles their natural habitat and Shelters for Animals.

51. Animals shall be adopted only from animal shelters and not from pet stores. Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized every year without anyone to adopt them

52. Domestic Animals may only be pets or companions or help disabled persons. They shall not be used as guard dogs guarding commercial, private or public property.

53. Birds or Animals cannot be Caught from the wild and sold as pets or for meat or any other purpose

54. No Ivory or Teeth or Horn or Animal Head or any other organ Trade

55. No Fur or Skin Trade.

56. No Animals or Bird Circus or Marine Animal or Magic Shows. They cannot be abandoned. Work with Sanctuaries to look after them.

57. Animals shall not be trained or controlled by Electric Shocks, Canning, Pricking them with Sharp Objects, Burning them with Fire or Hot Rods, Denying Food or Water or Sleep

58. Animals shall not be marked for identification for ownership with hot iron

59. The Cartilage in the middle of the nose of animals cannot be pierced to hook a cord to control them

60. Eliminate Caged Zoos with restricted space. But Zoos for Rescued, Injured or Endangered animals in a land large enough and similar to their natural habitat, for them to roam freely is encouraged.

Dog Beaten in Korea for Meat
Dog Beaten in Korea for Meat








Elephant Restrained by Chains in Both Legs
Elephant Restrained by Chains in Both Legs









Chicken's Beak Being Cut Off in the Meat Industry
Chicken’s Beak Being Cut Off in the Meat Industry









61. Animals shall not be exposed to danger, such as detect buried mines or hidden bombs, or there is a risk of being hit by a bullet such as serving with the military in the battle front or chasing criminals.

62. Shall not Operate Motor Boats in Waters above the speed of TBD, which may Kill or Injure Fish and other Marine Animals.

62B. Redesign and Enclose the Propellers of all Water Born Vessels so that they do Not Injure Whales, Dolphins, Fish and Other Marine Animals.

63. Speed of Fast moving vehicle driven through unpaved land shall be limited to a safe speed depending on the local condition, to avoid colliding and injuring or killing animals.

64. Air traffic shall not pose any danger to birds by propellers or turbines or by collisions on land during takeoff and landing.

65. Animals shall not be forced to work such as pull carts, plough land, towing trees etc. This commandment is relaxed for poor peasants and farmers in developing nations, as long as they are not stressed under highly demanding conditions, are provided adequate food and water, sufficient breaks, or work in very hot or cold weather or in situations which puts them at risk of injury or death or makes them suffer in any way. It is the responsibility of the nation concerned and all the developed nations to ease the developing nations eliminate this in TBD years.

66. Capture and Transport of Animals or Birds from the Wild such as Elephants, Guerillas, Monkeys, and Parrots as Pets for Work or Meat or Zoos is strictly prohibited.

67. No Import, Export and Sale of Animals or Animal Products

68. It is mandatory to Control Pets, other Domestic Animals and Farm Animal Population by birth control

69. Birth Control of Animals shall be done without taking away their natural instinct to mate.

70. Here is a Question and not a Commandment, which raises more questions, concerns and controversy on natural selection of species, natural balance of predator and prey population, ethics, morality, and evolution. Our heart goes out to the prey in predator prey encounters. Should we and can we control Predatorily Carnivorous Wild and Marine Animals Population, such as Crocodiles, Hyenas, Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Wolves, Foxes, Sharks, etc., and give the prey a fair deal which the laws of evolution and nature denied them? Should we and can we confine them to sanctuaries? Can we favor their hunting success with very old and dying prey animals shot with pain killer darts? Can we develop alternate artificial food sources for them, such as artificial meat and blood like food? Where do we draw the line in helping the animals in their suffering and pain? Should we interfere and is this within our reach? This is a good topic for discussion for animal rights activists who share the pain and suffering of prey which get eaten while they are still alive, sometimes being watched by the frightened helpless mother, with Bio Scientists and others concerned with ethics, morality, evolution and so on

71. Protect Mother and Calf, Pregnant Mothers and the Young in Predator Prey Encounters, in Water Holes and Rivers

72. Rescue and provide food, water, a secure place to rest, help the injured, tired and worn out wild animals during their migration and natural and man made disasters such as Floods, Forrest fires, Earth Quakes, Wars and Conflicts, Extreme Cold and Heat

73.  Rescue and provide food, water and safe shelter for domestic and those in the meat and fur industries, such as pets, cattle, sheep, horses, buffaloes etc., during disasters listed above

74. Provide Water Holes and Vegetation to avoid animals dying due to lack of water or food during the dry season

75. Expand Veterinary Education, Training and create more Veterinary qualified professionals

76. Offer affordable Veterinary service, compensate the Veterinary Professionals with subsidies from Governments and Organizations

77. No Experimentation with animals. Please Watch this Hell on Earth for Animals under experimentation video clip. Animals cannot be captured, confined or injected with deadly virus or bacteria for experimentation to develop drugs. Existing Animals should be handed over to Animal Sanctuaries or Shelters or Animal Welfare Organizations. The violators will pay the cost of maintenance. Research on animals cannot deprive them of their basic rights to eat, drink water, live, walk, run or fly in their rightful environment. Example mounting bulky or heavy radio collars to track animals needs to be approved by UEOG and subsequently removed from them.

78. No Logging, Use, Sale, Buying, Export or Import of Timber or Timber Products. Protect the Rain Forests, as forests are home for the Animals, the Plants and Birds. Timber is not a raw material. Find alternate substitutes. Only dying or dead trees may be used.

79. In Developed countries No Destruction of Animals Natural Habitat. Strictly Keep Under Control building new highways, roads, railway tracks, cities, villages, farms, or housing projects in animal territory. Provide paths through developed land, through farms, ranches or over or under roads for wild life to allow their migration freely in search of food, water or mates.

80. Reclaim the Natural Habitat, which belongs to the animals, which has been taken away by federal, provincial, municipal governments, businesses and people, abusing and disrespecting valuable animal territory. Reclaim to the level of TBD year by the year 2018.