Starving Children in Africa
Starving Children in Africa
Cow Hung from One Leg
Cow Hung from One Leg in the Meat Industry
Clear Cut Rain Forest
Clear Cut Rain Forest

About us

United Earth is a non profit organization, conceived to Create a United Earth Government and Save the Earth.

It was founded by Thurai Moorthy.

Message from Thurai Moorthy:

 From childhood I was touched by the suffering of people and animals.

 I am appalled by poverty, hunger, human rights violations, war and other issues effecting people.

 It causes me great pain to see animals being abused, tortured and slaughtered for meat, used for experimentation in labs, forced to work for people, their fur and skin worn by people, forced to perform in rodeos, circuses, castrated, skinned alive, take part in animal fights and much more.

 I am deeply concerned with loss of natural habitat by deforestation, rapid depletion of non renewable natural resources, population explosion, pollution and global warming.

 Our purpose and mission is to Save the Earth with the People, Animals Plants, Environment, Natural Habitat, Non Renewable Natural Resources, Act against Natural and Man Made Disasters, End Poverty, Cruelty and War, Keep Population Explosion under Control, Establish Justice (the Critical Issues facing the Earth), Create a United Earth Government,  a New World Order, United Earth Court, United Earth Security and Peace Keeping Force, Draft and Implement Earth Law to Assure Safe, Secure, Peaceful, Healthy and Happy life for all the People and Animals on Earth Now and in the Future.

Our Goals are as outlined in the Goals pages.