United Earth (UE)




Join United Earth, Create a United Earth Government. Save the Earth with the People, Animals, Environment, Plants, Natural Habitat, Natural Resources, Act against Disasters, Poverty, Cruelty, War, Population Explosion and Establish Justice, the Critical Issues facing the Earth.


Establish a New World Order, One World Government, United Earth Government, United Earth Court, United Earth Security and Peace Keeping Force, Ratify and Implement Earth Law.


Assure Safe, Secure, Peaceful, Healthy, Happy life for all the People and Animals and a Healthy Environment on Earth Now and in the Future.









These critical issues facing the earth are tied to each other. If we do not address these issues and act now, we face chaos leading to Annihilation of this Earth.

It is absolutely a must that all the good nonprofit organizations, working on people, animal, and envirnmental issues and concerned deeply about the future of our planet, corporate, be united, create a common organization, become one entity and act jointly.  Being united will make us very Strong, Strong enough to face the mighty forces which are leading us towards a scorched earth. It will pave the way to send a clear message with resolve to the whole earth to be heard loud and clear. It will make a huge impact needed to organize, act and succeed in achieving our goals, addressing some of the critical issues facing us.

Our strive for survival, jobs, desire for basic needs and comforts is being exploited by the rulers in Capitalist, Communist and Dictatorship governments, with money trickling down from the top Economies, which gives priority to Oil, Finance, Mining and other Companies, CEOs of these companies and the Wealthiest, at the expense of underprivileged People, the Animals and the Environment. They are more concerned about the current and the next few years under their rule, completely ignoring the disasters and destruction facing us in the near future, if we fail to act now. 






It is absolutely a must that we do not leave a scorched earth to our children and the animals.











In order to Save the Earth, we need to find a new and sensible political and economic system to rule the earth, capable of addressing the Critical Issues identified above.  From past history, Capitalist, Communist and Dictatorship systems of governing do not work. We need to Tame both Capitalism and Communism, Find a Good Balance between Financial Security, Material Needs, Environment, Animal and People’s Rights.











We need to Elect a United Earth Government, with the Candidates being selected from a pool with proven history of love towards People, Animals, Environment and Natural Habitat etc. One may ask that who gets to decide which candidates qualify. The author believes that, in the beginning it should consist of outstanding good nonprofit organizations working together as one entity.






People, Animal, Environment, Natural Habitat, Natural Resources, Peace and Justice Lovers Join United Earth, and Create a New World Order, a United Earth Government.

Powerful Companies, Billionaires, CEOs and the Politicians who put them ahead of everything else, some of them being Enemies of the Earth, are not going to lay down or share their power and wealth for the good of Animals, Environment, Underprivileged people and the Future of our Planet. This brings us to the question of Revolting Against the System to achieve our goals.


Do Not Practice Violence or use of Guns or Bombs, since such actions result in death, injury, property damage and chaos, which hurts everyone.






Nevertheless, Mother Earth with the Animals, Environment and underprivileged People, needs to be Defended against Violence, Environmental Damage, Deforestation, Loss of Natural Habitat, Loss of Species and all the Injustices forced upon them, from the Enemies of the Earth.






The Sad Fact is, based on past history, it will take a Revolution with Conflict and Confrontation with Enemies of the Earth, who want to keep their short term self interests, which may force some bloodshed to Save the Animals, Environment and Underprivileged People. This Revolution has to be led by Earth Lovers, who Care Deeply about the Future of our Planet.






Yet we have to be Noble and Wise, understand that the violators are doing this out of their Greed and Ignorance, forgive them, enlighten them, win them over to our side, so that the Earth functions as one body and soul in peace and harmony. We have to Try our Very Best to Avoid Violence, Injury and Blood Shed.






With Wide Support of All the Animal, Environment, Natural Habitat, Natural Resources, People, Peace and Justice Lovers, we can Avoid Violence. The Revolution I Foresee could be Non Violent and could be as though it is just changing of the guards in which the Old Guards Leave and the New Guards, the United Earth Government, Takes Over.























We can remind ourselves of past history with the liberation struggle led by Gandhi in a non violent revolution against British rule in India.

To Save the Earth, in addition to acting as an organization, at the individual and family level, we have to sacrifice our luxuries, be a sensible consumer, conscious about our planet, live a relatively humble life with minimum material things, small living space, small land, consume much less energy, reuse, recycle, and generate less CO2 and Pollutants.







Become Vegetarians, even better become Vegans and keep Meat, Fish, Eggs and Dairy off our diet which will Stop Torture and Slaughter of Animals in the Meat, Fish, Egg and Dairy Industries.

While we are waiting and doing nothing about the above injustices going on, following things are happening all around us.








Every year 15 million children die of hunger.







Animals are Subjected to Unimaginable Cruelty, Torture and Slaughter, experiencing Extreme Pain in the Meat, Fishing, Entertainment, Fur Industries and Research Labs using Animals.

There are racial, ethnic, religious and dictatorship conflicts raging in Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia,
Sri Lanka, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries with death and injury of tens of thousands and
loss of development where it is needed most.

The Rwandan Genocide was the mass murder of nearly a million Rwanda's minority Tutsis by the
Hutu majority from April to July of 1994, while the world governments and the UN watched and did nothing
about it.

Loss of Natural Habitat by clear-cut logging, pollution of lakes, rivers and the ocean, out of control runaway
development with Urban Sprawl, Highways, Mining, Oil Drilling, Overfishing and Lavish Life Style in
developed countries is threatening migration and very survival of animals, birds and fish.

Rapid depletion of Natural Resources such as oil, gas and mining products due to out of control development
in already developed countries is threatening the future of our children.


Out of control Population Explosion is causing great stress on Food, Land, Housing, Natural Habitat and
Natural Resources.


Global Warming due to Excessive generation of Carbon-di-oxide (CO2) with the use of Coal, Oil and Gas by Motor Vehicles, Factories and for Energy Generation, particularly in North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, China, India and other countries is threatening the very survival of our planet earth.  This is melting the polar ice cap threatening coastal areas, causing hurricanes, droughts and flooding with ever increasing force, frequency of occurrence, setting record levels of temperature, flooding and drought, while widening and extending the natural disaster regions and periods.

In the Asian, African and Latin American countries, well over 500 million people are living in
"absolute poverty". World Bank.







Nearly one in four people, 1.3 billion - a majority of humanity - live on less than $1 per day.

The World Health Organization estimates that one-third of the world is well-fed,
one-third is under-fed one-third is starving.


10 billion animals are slaughtered for consumption annually, after spending their whole life in small cages,
castrated, organs cut off, hung from one leg and bled to death, Immersed in Boiling Water for hair removal,
all with no pain killers, unable even to walk to the slaughter house being lame by having been injected growth
hormones to gain weight rapidly to increase profit and Dragged by a string tied to one leg screaming in pain.


Hitler and the Nazis Killed three million Jews, many in Auschwitz Poland by sending them to gas chambers.


Germany, Japan and the Allied forces fought a long and bitter 2nd World War. They Bombed both Military
and Civilian Targets,  Killed Millions of people.


The Khmer Rouge under the leadership of PolPot killed an estimated 1.5 million people in Cambodia,
through execution, starvation and forced labour from 1975 to 1979.

Most Businesses and Individuals are focused on Short Term, Self Centered goals based on Selfish needs of themselves, while Most Governments implement laws which has no or little consideration for the future of our children, the animals, the environment, natural habitat and natural resources.

The Earth is locked into a vicious cycle of mismanaged runaway economy with wasteful consumption in developed countries, under development and poverty in developing countries, being unfair to many, cruelty to some caught in war, torture and slaughter of animals, destruction of natural habitat, rapid depletion of non renewable natural resources, pollution of the earth with harmful substances, out of control population explosion and global warming leading to Annihilation of this Earth in the not too distant future.

All of this is simply to have a lavish life and power for those in control of power and a lion's share of the earth's wealth, which makes the rich richer and the poor poorer,  leading to a hand to mouth living for the average person and a miserable life for the poor.

Unfortunately we do not have twenty years to stop this runaway madness and to restore sanity to the lives of people and the animals; instead we have only few years.  Major world governments are not doing enough about it to the required level or at the needed pace. Time to start the correction process is right now before it is too late.

With no agreements between the world governments or no effective plan of action in sight, We have No other Choice but to Elect and Form a United Earth Government (UEGOV) (World Government) to address these Life Threatening issues facing the earth in time.










 United Earth is determined to unlock and reverse this cycle, to Protect the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat, the Environment, setting Target Levels and a Time Line to achieve these levels. UEOG Promises with Certainty that we will achieve these goals through corporation of UEOG with the UN, Governments, Businesses, Good Organizations and the People of this Earth, using ingenious ways to form the Earth Government or World Government.

All the Issues identified above  are Tied to Each Other, Inseparable and Needs to be Addressed as One Huge Issue. Our Course of Action and the Earth Law given below is the Bitter Medicine for the Earth’s Survival.

Earth Law













Photos above and below:

The Skeletons of some of the 800,000 Tootsies Massacred in Rwanda, while the rest of the world governments and the UN watched and did nothing about it.

Starving Children in Africa.

Cow or Steer, Conscious and Struggling to Get Free of Suffering and Pain, in the Meat Industry


A Monkey In a Lab Experiment Cries Out In Pain. Human Indifference to Pain of Others!

A Starving Child in Africa.

A dog being tortured with its front legs tied behind its back and a can pushed over it's mouth.

A dog being beaten in China to control the population of stray dogs.

Pig and Piglets in very small cages restricted without any freedom to move.

Baby Chicken is being mutilated by cutting off the beak with a hot knife, extremely painful torture to produce eggs.

Loss of natural habitat: Clear-cut Amazon rain forest, home to many species of animals, birds and plants, and plays a major role in the earth's weather

Rapid Shrinking of Polar Ice Cap due to Global Warming, will lead to flooding of coastal areas.

Severe Drought Regions Caused By Global Warming.

Elephant Collapsed and  Died in transit for a Circus for Entertainment is being dragged from a truck.

A Bull is being Tortured in a Rodeo for Entertainment.

A Milking Cow with hugely Distended Udder,  which is quite painful.

UEOG’s Action Plan


1.       Establish a Voice in the form of an Organization,  United Earth (UE), Based on the Sad Poor Performance History of the World Governments and the Problems Facing the Earth are Well Beyond Any One Government or the UN,  therefore Promote and Campaign to Establish a legitimate United Earth Government or World government  (UEGOV), to Protect the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment, Unify and Govern the Whole Earth under One Common Flag of UEGOV for the Common Good of all the People, the Animals, the Plants and the Environment, with UEGOV being at the Top of Authority and Command Hierarchy of the Earth. Save the Earth from Self Destruction driven by consumption, lavish life style, domination and irresponsibility by those in control of power and wealth, with the rest of the people drawn and locked into a highly unstable runaway scenario just to make a living. The Key is to Unlock and Release the Earth from this Bondage

2.    Draft, Ratify and Finalize Earth Law.  UEOG hopes someday with wide support of the earth’s population, it will be able to convince the people of the earth to be part of one United Earth Government or World Government with real power and jurisdiction to pass Earth Law, which will embrace these Commandments.  Until then please spread the word and let us hope that we can achieve this in time to Stop us from this Madness of Annihilating this Earth with our Runaway Economy, Wasteful Consumption, Cruelty to People, Torture and Slaughter of Animals, Destruction of the Environment and Causing Global Warming

3.    Conduct Worldwide Elections:

Based on the Sad Poor Performance History of the World Governments, Promote and Campaign to Establish a legitimate United Earth Government or World Government (UEGOV), starting with being elected by people with a proven history of love and care towards the UnderPrivilaged People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment, Later to be elected by everyone on earth

4.  Once Elected, Create a United Earth Court and Recruit United Earth Government Security and Peace Keeping Force (UEGOVPKF)

5. Recruit UEOG Volunteer Force (UEOGVF). Discuss, Refine, Plan, Administer, Monitor and Implement Earth Law
6.       Establish UEOG Security and Peace Keeping Force (UEOGSPKF), Later to become the UEGOV Security and Peace Keeping Force (UEGOVSPKF), World's Largest Defensive Security Force, Not an Offensive Force, but Ready to Defend the People, the Animals, the Plants, the Natural Habitat and the Environment Against Violations of UEOG's Commandments and Earth Law, using Defensive Strategies covering the Entire Earth. Work with the UN, National Governments and Rebels to Implement Security and Peace Everywhere on Earth. No one is our enemy. People of United Earth are Brothers. Do Not Kill or Injure anyone. Do Not Spill any Blood. No Bombs or Guns or Bullets, and Specially No Weapons of Mass Destruction: Nuclear, Conventional, Chemical and Biological. But UESPKF will  always defend the innocent using defensive measures

7. Establish a UEOG Court to Find, Convince and Discourage Violators of Earth Law 




     8.       Work with the UN, Governments and Organizations we respect: World Vision, PETA, Green Peace, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Feed the Children, Red Cross/Crescent, Live Earth and many other good organizations 

9.   Convince the World Governments to Recognize the Elected United Earth Goverment (UEGOV),  Honor Earth Law, Dismantle their Borders, Share the Power, Authority and Security with the Elected United Earth Goverment (UEGOV), with UEGOV being at the Top of Power and Authority Hierachy  



 How UEOG is Planning to Address the Issues

  •  Do Everything Possible Within Our Control such as Funds and Volunteers
  • Work with  Governments and other Organizations
  •  Campaign the Governments to implement their existing laws in line with Earth Law
  •  Campaign the Governments to Pass New Laws in line with Earth Law
  •  Campaign the Governments and the UN to take action on Poverty and Human Rights Violations.  Poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Genocide in Rwanda, Cambodia and Conflict in Sri Lanka 
  • Repeatedly ask the governments many times to uphold their laws to protect the Eight UEOG Issues PAPENRCD, their basic laws and Earth Law
  • If the Governments do not find resolution in a reasonable time frame, it justifies establishment of a United Earth Government (UEGOV) to take justifiable prompt action
  • Provide Food, Water, Shelter and Medical Care for the needy. Undertake development of countries in dire need of basic development
  • Monitor and Take Action on UEOG's Animal Issues, Animal Abuse in the Meat, Fur, Fishing and Entertainment industries, Pet Trade, Population Control of Pets, Hunting, Trapping, Capture of Animals and Birds from the Wild, Depletion of Animal Habitat by Logging, Fishing Using Large Trawlers and Nets, Establishment of Animal Shelters and Sanctuaries, Animal Rescue
  • Stop Environmental damage, Global Warming, Pollution of Land, Water and Air




 UEOG Stands Out in Addressing the Key Issues

  • The UEOG Issues Save the Earth with the Animals, Environment, People, Plants, Natural Habitat, Non Renewable Natural Resources, Act against Natural and Man Made Disasters, End Poverty, Cruelty and War, Keep Population Explosion under Control, Establish Justice (the Critical UEOG Issues facing the Earth), Realize these are Tied to Each Other and take action accordingly
  •  UEOG realizes and advocates the sad fact, based on the past history of the world governments which are incapable of addressing these key issues, because of conflict of interest with those in control of power and wealth, the all powerful lobby and interest groups, driving them in the Wrong Direction. As a result we are forced to campaign to establish a United Earth Government (UEGOV). Advocate for Joint Action of UEGOV with all the Good Organizations, Governments and the UN
  • Many governments and organizations are promoting energy efficient cars, while UEOG is campaigning to Abolish Cars as the key mode of Transportation, Promote the New CO2 free and Energy Source Flexible High Speed Door to Door Public Transport. Urge governments, businesses and every one to minimize travelling long distances, particularly overseas for holidays and unessential goods and services related business
  •  UEOG is urging to slow down drastically the runaway economies in developed countries and establish sustainable economies in developing countries

Our First Order of Business

1.       Establish a United Earth Government (UEGOV) 

2.       Provide Food, Water, Shelter and Medical Help for the Poor and Refugees

3.       Population Control of Dogs, Cats, Birds and any the other Pets or Abused Animals Anywhere

4.       Establish Animal Shelters and Sanctuaries

5.       Organize Animal Rescue

6.       Stop Taking Animals and Birds from the Wild

7.       Stop the Pet Trade and adopt pets from the shelters 

 8.        Stop Animals abuse




 (a)     Meat Trade where animals are confined in a small space for their entire life. Convert to grace freely.  UEOG will not file cases now if they are slaughtered after they reach 70% of their average life span and if they are administered pain killers. This relaxes the restriction on the meat industry and meat consumers, until more people become more aware and vegetarians

(b)     Eliminate Animal farms  in severe cold or hot climates

(c)     Milk Industry. Stop administering steroids to Cows and Goats. Stop taking the calf away for veal. Stop using machines for milking. Milk only after the calves’ hunger has been satisfied. Milk only by hand in the traditional way

(d)    Stop Puppy Mills and Pet Trade

(e)     Torture of Animals

(i)      Cutting off organs

(ii)    Castration

(iii)   Catching Chicken in cruel ways

(iv)   Hitting or Beating, Piercing, Marking with Hot Rods, Applying Electric Shocks 

(v)     Experimentation using animals

(vi)   Keeping or Transport of Animals in tightly confined cages

(vii) Keeping or Transport of Animals in severe cold or Hot weather or crammed in without sufficient space

(viii) Slaughtering or Surgery without pain killers

(f)      Circus using animals

(g)     Animal fights, Races, Rodeos

9.      Save the Environment from being Destroyed by our Desire for Profit, Lavish Life Style and Short Term comforts which Ignores the Future of this Planet and Our Children. Campaign people to live a humble life as a solution to address the environment, natural resources,  natural habitat and land issues. Conserve Energy, Mining Products, Land and other Non Renewable Resources for our children and future generations.

10.    Avoid Global Warming and Drastically Reduce Natural Disasters Induced by Global Warming, Irresponsible Human Activity, creating vicious weather cycles with ever increasing frequency and force, setting record temperatures, flooding, droughts and hurricanes, causing misery to the people, the Animals and threatening Plant Life on earth

11.    Eliminate Pollution of Air, Water, and Land

12.    Eliminate Disposable Products, Minimize and Reuse Containers such as Bottles, Cans, Boxes and Bags, Aggressively Recycle

13.   Stop Logging, Save the Forests and the Natural Habitat

14.  Stop Building Huge Houses in Separate Land Space.  Allocate Appropriate living space per person and family. Build moderately tall well designed apartments with sunlight, relatively big balconies and provide some family land space in the ground for gardening or other personal use. 

15.  Slow down drastically development of developed countries. Close down or  drastically or reduce production by factories which ae manufacturing unnecessary items, such as Big Motor Vehicles,  Leisure Vehicles and Products, Furniture made of Lumber, Leather and Non Recyclable Plastics, Luxury Items, excess personal items such as clothes, shoes and bags, and much more TBD.

16.  Develop Developing countries which are in desperate need of development such as government, law and order, finance, agriculture, transportation, energy

17.   Promote Establishment of Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly High Speed Door to Door Public Transportation.  Eliminate Oil, Steel, Rubber, other Resources Depleting and Global Warming Cars as the main mode of transportation



How Can You Help



Share your wealth and other resources with the poor and refugees.

Show Compasion towards  animals, birds and fish. Feel their pain and suffering. Become vegetarians. Do not use animal and lumber products.

Keep the earth's population under strict control. Follow birth control.

Change your lavish and luxury life style to a simple and humble life to address (i) Global Warming (ii) Stop rapid depletion of non renewable natural resources (iii) Loss of Natural Habitat.

Send us Essays, Articles, Video or Audio Clips About People or Animal Abuse

Help us Translate UEOG website into other languages


Join UEOG in it’s effort to get rid of cars as the main mode of transportation, which  consumes a lot of our key non renewable natural resources, generates the global warming gas CO2 and other harmful substances directly when it runs, inderectly in the process of mining to generate the raw materials and manufacture.  Promote the New CO2 free and Energy Source Flexible High Speed Door to Door Public Transport.

Based on past history of world goverments,  and  since the issues facing us are huge well beyond any one government or the UN consisting of these governments with each one driving in a different direction, for example the Kyoto Protocol, join UEOG to create a United Earth Goverment (UEGOV) to take prompt and just action.

Become a member, Join the UEOG Volunteer Force or Join the UEOG Security and Peace Keeping Force, Donate, Inform Others about UEOG.


Follow Earth Law.

Hell on Earth for Animals video clip

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Photos above show


Baby Harp Seal is Beaten to Death by a Sealer, in Canada, even though rest of the Civilized World has Banned Sealing.


Atomic Bomb Dropped in Nagasaki.


Bones of Corpses in  the Concentration Camps of Auschwitz Poland run by the Nazis  during World War II.


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